Girls Protocol Raw

We daily exchange foods, trade-in stocks, travel worldwide, chess-board informations, communicate on social media, dislike or like our opinions, shares pictures and videos, conflict with laws of international rules to understand each other world. The best part of humanity we all come from different backgrounds with most opposite views looking for perfectionism in our daily life to fight our inner ego negativity to make us feel better. When the world looks like heaven, but WE MAKE IT feel like hell; because we humans are wanna feel better from each other. Whether the shoes we wearing or the language we are speaking or the broken English article you are reading right now, we constantly look for mistakes makes us feel better person than who we are, you are about to judge me “who I am to tell you who you are” cause I already made too many language mistakes on my sentences to make you feel better than me, but UNCOMFORTABLE enough to make you still keep you in my blog to wonder to stay and listen more. Cause this is not you or me or them this is the reality of our true-self.  We are always chasing something we can not have.  For countries we are chasing for new inventions to make our world more fun.  For humans we are chasing for new ideas to make our world more easy. Hungriness over obesity, water over filtered water, wifi over radio signals, violence towards women over hollywood movie actresses scheme and I can say now war tore countries over hurricane damaged cities or destructions from mother nature places over homeless population rise.

We Keep ignoring everything makes us feel hopeless. Why not look for a naked plastic ass than reading this nonsense blogs, Unfortunately for the ones who is so busy for looking to see a nice ass or who is working to build a nice ass sadly those days are over cause too many to look and too many to see the technology just made it so perfect that it is boring to even talk about it. Year 2017, it does not get any attention anymore than for a person who is still leaving on radio signal places or a kid just broke in to computer without get cut family member. Man who is so sick of seeing too many asses looking for some kind of different views now days. Humanity pass it limits on the shape of our body now it is almost buyable and buildable, too many to view does not get as much attention. Sex sells adds are not popular anymore cause it might actually make it not sell. Most of humanity searching for better challenges other than female beauty. Most of females still not realizing that if we continue the way we act soon there will be no women rights. In stead of making millions of makeup videos, let’s challenge each other who is gonna be the most powerful women in the world. Please keep looking hot, pretty and wear makeup this is our signature we loved taking care of ourself, but let me remind you that I am very bothered, especially when I search for the most powerful people in the world I am not seeing not even one women taking the world most powerful list in top 15. My gender is smarter than any living creature in the world, my gender is not going to get treated same equality with any gender out there cause my gender is not equal it is better than other gender. So I am loud and clear I found women better than men and I do not want to get tread equally, I do want to get more special treatments MEANS BETTER LAWS, cause my gender is the most abused human being for centuries so it is payback time cause my rights as women is taken away from me for centuries now I want the world pay me back. All the females out there or the BREATHING cells who is feeling female as tough as me, with you or without you I am gonna make a difference for our girls. And if I can not make it you are gonna continue where I left.

Now this is my data for today.


Burcu Akan – Editor In Chief

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