It was not easy to feel mercy for the people who were tangled in maze. Media is my source and it is not there to just entertainment, it is also there to warned me that universe awareness to check out my heart beat. Am I live? May be it is 5 minutes or 5 days of suffering trying to fight with my tears when I feel HOPELESS with media. In order to understand their pain I have to get in their shoes. That does not mean be there with them. Just be aware of your surroundings, pay attention to each other even they might be thousands miles away to understand their world. Do not suffer with them do not sacrifice your live for them. Just imagine what if that person was you. It took me for awhile to get there, it does not happen over night to feel how powerless they are. And it only take a remote control button to see the world they are in.

When there is no meaningful dialogue exchanged, fear, confusion, isolation, sadness, shame and blame can prevail and transmitted to the next generations. this is sharp contrast to widespread research findings that social support is the most important factor in coping with tramatic stress. (Danieli, Yael, International Handbook of Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma, 1998) There are ways in which the media is helpful in this process. Media boost many talented glorious stars on show business in raising awareness of many issues. We can not know the level of pain of these traumas in each other certainly we can be free to feel mercy for others than sacrifice ourself. No one should sacrifice to give away themselves to get at least a possibility to gain something else of value such as self-respect, trust, love, freedom, prosperity, or to avoid an even greater loss. would you sell your cell phone without a gain profit? You may trade for one of lesser worth in order to gain something else valued more to avoid an even greater loss. Same thing in life apply. Do not sacrifice yourself over trade in businesses. Do not be the pupped of useless characters, but make sure check yourself for mercy. Do mercy of others needs. When you see people in mazed hopeless do not give up yourself to be there in their position than you will find yourself in different side of that maze. The one way to help them is check yourself of mercy levels in the position you are in. The one second of social media picture you put a like, does make you understand their trauma? Do you feel your heart is hurting, loosing your breath, can not stand on your knees, can not stand strong when the minute you are watching someone else is trauma and not feeling than you have not understand mercy. unless you are sacrificing yourself maybe you will feel mercy on you and that is not how humanity confer prosperity. when humanity allows harm to another the feeling of that unfairness cause us to act mercy. That is why is so important to aware of our surrounding. The media is one way to get there and one way to filling the painful blanks to create hope for the hopeless. Mercy is the way to eliminate painful blanks in society. Stay in silence and just drop some tears will not enough to understand suffering. as soon as feeling of mercy kick in fortuned gift comes to surface while we are going thru a journey together feeling hopeless for hopeless both side of the story leave one mark on universe the desirable state of mind just made a scar for blessing in disguise. The end of my journey I am the one who will blast the right side of the story, my heart feels the pain sometimes my legs are not strong, the traumas are not maybe near what they went it is clear mercy of media is affected in me. I choose to not fight for fairness I decide to become the fairness so maybe you feel mercy for me. Sacrifice yourself for me is not the solution or trade me in for better. No matter how much my voice is turned down the blessing I already create for you is already spread on stars. Now i told to “stand and walk away”. My thrust to stars, moon and sun eternal and my mistakes for my faults more than many stars in universe. Hearing there is forgiveness for my unknown actions, I still told to “stand and walk away” for what i believe in. We will never know how much we help or maybe even made it worst.SCIENTIST

The glass is half full or half empty. It is not up to us to figure that out full or empty that is universe job to figure you out how much mercy you have been build. Make sure you put your opinion about the glass let the universe decide for you. Are you aware of yourself, cause when there is an empty glass it will affect your destiny. Before it is too late make sure you have a voice, before it is too late for you to talk, when it was full I already shared that with my neighbours who already warned me the glass is half empty or half full.


Burcu Akan – Editor In Chief


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