Made in Real Gold Toilet

It is not the technology or technology tools are destroying humanity, it is the lack of leadership taking the world. Mental illness is become more common worldwide, younger population walking with the wrist size super computers without any direction searching for mentor to follow and feel like to be part of opinion. The lack of love we feel in times hoping to fulfil with comptuters. Since there are words not matching sentences with golden pictures coming from succesful leaders, only understood about money without moral feelings we are just following their steps without not caring how money brings shit back to where it is belongs. Cause our successful leaders is leaving in gold toilets their follower not understanding their shit will be same as ours, one drops in golden hole one drops in empty hole. We future generations do not understand the fact that shit is shit no matter where you drop. Some how top leaders in the world make us believe golden toilets are is about feeling special and loved. We are teaching our people from the most rich charecters who can not choose the right words with right time to deliver a tangled messages bring lost followers together in search of golden toilets.

Yet out of over 7 billion people we can not find 1 in a million man who is out there to create peace with the technology we build far from the centuries ago, we can not make any progress while going backwards, cause of lack of leadership not available to adopt a man made technology, one question to ask: how did we destroy with jeolousy the best leaders try to help with technology?

I know a “MAN” with magical tongue leaving eternal in a palace that most of us can not imagine. Dreams comes true, universe open the possibilities of miracles with this “MAN”. And there is none can imagine without a flesh without a soul just his name moving the mountations one by one.


Burcu Akan – Editor In Chief

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