COIN stock market

HOW Many SOLARbitcoin IS THE World DEBT?

1. The U.S. national debt is larger than the 500 largest public companies in America.

The S&P 500 is a stock market index that tracks the value of the 500 largest U.S. companies by market capitalization. It includes giant companies like Apple, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, and many others. In summer of 2016, the value of all of these 500 companies together added to $19.1 trillion – just short of the debt total.

5.5. In fact, the most countries debt is larger than all of the world’s physical currency, gold, silver, and bitcoin combined.

That’s right, if you rounded up every single dollar, euro, yen, pound, yuan, and any other global physical currency note or coin in existence, it only amounts to a measly trillions. Adding the world’s physical gold (trillion), silver (billion), and cryptocurrencies ($11 billion) on top of that, you get to a total of trillions. That’s equal to about %%% of the world debt.

Gold has symbolized money and wealth for a long time – but even the world’s annual production of roughly 3,000 tonnes (96 million oz) of the yellow metal barely puts a dent in the debt total. At market prices today, you’d need to somehow mine 155 years worth of gold at today’s rate to equal the debt.

December, 06th 2017 Some government officials announced that they would work with other government leaders to create a cryptocurrency and save the failing financial situation 3.rd World countries.

Mining ETH or bitcoin is pretty much the same principle: using free electricity to generate cash.”

But ETH mining is more affordable—all you need is free software and a PC with a video card. Any Coin police officer is easily fooled into thinking your ETH miner is just a regular computer.”

There are some countries block Bitcoin transactions while others put the country on sale, Bitcoin is not and will never be a currency. While durable, fungible, and transferable, it is missing key capabilities which limit its ability to function as a currency, perhaps the most important of which are those that drive stable pricing. It is more accurately a trade commodity. If the countries available sell their history for bitcoin why the world needs large memory storages to safe the history on SOLARbitcoin USB sticks.

Bitcoins is not JUST in it’s engineered properties gaining power. It is also through their wide use and acceptance.

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