Digital Shit

“I have to wonder what possible good could come of encoding such a character. Bullying, perhaps?”

Camera Detectors

Find a Hidden Camera In Seconds

Powerful, portable, and easy to use, hidden camera detectors are the answer if you’re worried about being recorded without your consent. With the push of a button, you can scan an entire room in seconds, letting you know for sure if anyone is watching. Choose simple LED-based models or multi-spectrum RF detectors, which can also alert you to the presence of audio bugs or GPS tracking devices.


Privacy Protection

Protect Yourself Against All Forms of Identity Theft

Having your wallet stolen by a mugger or pickpocket is a scary thought; all of your cards and cash are compromised in one fell swoop. These days, however, sophisticated identity thieves can steal your personal information remotely, while your smartphone, credit cards, and ATM cards remain in your pocket, using a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner. RFID works like a next-generation UPC code, with valuable information encoded into a tag that can be read via radio frequency. By encasing your cards and smartphone in Silent Pocket RFID Wallets, you stop hackers in their tracks, preventing them from scanning your information. Guard your personal information with these sleek, stylish, smart wallets.01-big__45582.1513182503.1280.1280

GPS Detectors

Find a Tail With GPS Tracker Detectors

If you’re worried that someone is on your digital tail, get the answers you need and eliminate GPS surveillance with a BrickHouse GPS tracker detector. With everything from high-level counter-surveillance tools to portable bug scanners, you’ll be able to detect tracking devices in seconds. These multi-purpose GPS tracker detectors read radio frequencies to pick up on listening devices, hidden cameras, phone taps, and more.


Spy-cams, phone taps, GPS trackers, and other electronic listening devices can be monitoring entire rooms in your house from incredible distances — not to mention ALL of your cell phone, fax, and computer communications — but computer-age counter-surveillance bug detectors can protect you! On these pages you will find the same counter-surveillance bug detection equipments 

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